About Me

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself! My name is Natasha Salem and I am the owner of Inspiring Homes Design located in Lincoln, Nebraska. I am a parent to a wonderful little guy named Will who will be starting kindergarten in August.  

My love for interior design started with a pink satin and lace comforter that I wanted more than anything else in the world for my 9th birthday. I still remember the excitement of opening it up that day. 

I think that your home is the most important place in the entire world. It’s the one place that you can escape to no matter what’s going on outside of those walls. It’s the place that little ones roam freely, the place you can host your favorite people for an evening and simply for lounging in your comfy pants after a long day. Your home should be comfortable, functional, aesthetically pleasing & relaxing.  

I love my job because I get to help people every day create homes that they will love for years to come and I get to know a lot of wonderful people along the way! We offer Interior Design services for new construction and remodeling projects, window treatments & furnishings, as well as real estate staging.  

Thank you for following our page! You will see posts from me as well as my team. Free to contact us if you ever have any questions or have a project you would like assistance with! Natasha Salem 402.770.6457 Natasha@ihdne.com www.ihdne.com

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